Bill Moran wmoran at iowna.com
Mon Oct 22 07:29:08 GMT 2001

On Saturday 20 October 2001 16:03, Kyle Weigel wrote:
> I can't get my windows 2000 machine to access my linux machine, I can't
> ping the computer, or browse it over the network.  But I can access my
> win2k machine from my linux shell.  I tried editing my windows lmhosts, and
> putthing my linux box's IP address in my WINS server, but that didn't seem
> to work'

WINS won't help with W2K, since W2K doesn't use WINS anymore.

Can you ping the IP addy of the Samba machine, or the name or both or
If you can ping the IP, but not the name, then your name resolution is wrong.
Check over your lmhosts and consider implementing DNS.
If you can't ping the IP, then your TCP/IP networking is wrong.  Look over the
various settings on the W2K box (such as netmask, etc) and make sure
everything is correct.  Since it seems to work the other way, it's more likely
that the W2K box is set up wrong in this case.

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