Samba and NT 4.0

Ieuan Jones Ieuan.Jones at
Mon Oct 22 03:27:03 GMT 2001

Hi all,

	This topic has probably been done to death already, but I am new to Linux
and Samba. I have set up a Linux PC and I am trying to get my NT workstation
to connect to it and use a directory share. However, when I try to "map
network drive" to the Linux box, I get the error "The account is not
authorized to login from this station". The user account is valid, and both
I and a colleague have connected using the same user id with smbclient.
Smbckient will also connect happily to my NT shares, so there is no
connectivity issue. I am at a loss as to what to try next.
	If anyone has any experience with this, questions, or, even better
solutions, please let me know.


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