Request reissuance: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)

Raven dmstowell at
Mon Oct 22 01:33:10 GMT 2001

On 2001.10.21 04:30 Casey Allen Shobe wrote:
> On 19 October 2001 10:00, Raven wrote:
> > I assume that "atlfs1" is a Windows NT machine, though this probably
> > applies to Windows 2000, as well.
> Yes, NT 4.0 or 2000 (I'm not certain which).
> How do I make a machine account?  I can't be the PDC, that would be a
> violation of our security policy I think -- all the other machines are 
> NT boxes.  I'm using server type authentication, with a remote NT 
> machine acting
> as the PDC.  What would the password of atsfs1 need to be?  I should 
> mention
> that I can use passwordless shares with no problem.

I've got O'Reilly in front of me, and I think I may have read more into 
your request than was really there. I should point out for the record that 
while you *can* use Windows NT/2000 as a client to a Samba machine, 
Microsoft has (probably deliberately) made it as difficult as possible to 
do successfully. I found myself assuming that the Samba machine on your 
network would be the PDC, as it is on mine. For the case of letting an 
NT/2000 box take PDC duties, the job is a bit easier.

Check pages 63-73 in O'Reilly (yes, you really should get this book, or at 
least read the HTML version that came with the Samba distribution). What 
will hang you up the most will be domain/workgroup membership (the current 
domain of the NT box will need to match the WORKGROUP parameter of the 
Samba box's smb.conf. A close second will be making sure that the Samba 
box recognizes the NT box's users, and in your situation, setting up 
encrypted passwords will be a lot easier than playing with the registry 
setting of a lot of NT machines.

Also, run through the steps in the file DIAGNOSIS.txt, and post to us the 
first test that fails, and how things were set at that point.

David M. Stowell

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