Request reissuance: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)

Casey Allen Shobe cshobe at
Sun Oct 21 02:30:06 GMT 2001

On 19 October 2001 10:00, Raven wrote:
> I assume that "atlfs1" is a Windows NT machine, though this probably
> applies to Windows 2000, as well.

Yes, NT 4.0 or 2000 (I'm not certain which).

> First, did you create a machine account for "atlfs1"? If you have the
> O'Reilly book, check in pages 184-190 ( Chapter6, "Windows Domains", if you
> are using the HTML version that came with your Samba distribution. In
> short, there needs to be a Samba box playing the role of Primary Domain
> Controller in your workgroup, and it needs to have an account in
> /etc/passwd and smbpasswd for your NT box (it would be called "atlfs1$").

How do I make a machine account?  I can't be the PDC, that would be a 
violation of our security policy I think -- all the other machines are NT 
boxes.  I'm using server type authentication, with a remote NT machine acting 
as the PDC.  What would the password of atsfs1 need to be?  I should mention 
that I can use passwordless shares with no problem.

> If you're in the clear with this, there's one small trick to getting
> "smbclient -L" to work for you. Invoke "smbclient -L //atlfs1", and at the
> password prompt, give it the password of the account you are currently in
> on the Samba machine. In other words, if you are logged in on your Linux
> box as "foo" with a password of "bar", type "bar" at the password prompt.
> This will give you your share list for "foo".
> I just checked this and that's the mechanism that works for me.
> Unfortunately, I can't be of much help with the codepage messages, as I've
> not experienced them.

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