smbmount with ssl doesn't work

Urban Widmark urban at
Sat Oct 20 06:47:07 GMT 2001

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Oscar Guell Perez -  Lab. Calculo LSI wrote:

> My question is simple. What's wrong? Why I can not mount samba shares
> using ssl?

Not supported by smbfs.

If you have ssh access to the server you could tunnel it by:
    ssh -L 1139:xx.xx.xx.xx:139 xx.xx.xx.xx
and in a separate shell:
    smbmount //patim/soft /tmp/mnt -o username=oskar,ip=,port=1139

Still not ssl, but it is encrypted if that is what you were looking for.
Perhaps there is some ssl tunneling tool that can do the same thing.


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