testing functionality

jim jim at localhost.localdomain
Sat Oct 20 05:51:04 GMT 2001

hello to whomever receives this message,
I am testing the functionality of what appears to be a hyperlink in the information pages on the Gnome Help Browser on my newly installed RedHat Linux computer.When I click on a "samba" hyperlink, I received a message saying that I needed a Mail file in my home directoy.  Would you like me to create one for you?  I
chose yes and then I was ask about some other file, elmrc.  I can't describe
the exact message because my Gnome Help Browser is completely blank, i.e., no 
text, no nothing, and there is no refresh function.  
Anyway, I then got what appears to be a new email message that I am testing
at this moment. I have absolutely no idea to whom this message is directed, but
I assume that it will allow a copy to be sent to me, since it did ask if I 
wanted to send a copy.  
I will have to explore information about samba at a later time.

PS. I just quit this editor and discover that this message will go to 
samba at samba.org as well as a copy to myself.  I am going to attempt to send
this message as is, because I don't know if the mail program actually works.
If someone at samba.org receives this message, I would appreciate a response
to test if this process actually works or not. Thanks

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