smbmount access denied, smbclient OK

Roman, James (J.D.) jroman6 at
Fri Oct 19 23:54:02 GMT 2001

Try this syntax:

smbmount //<servername>/<share> -o username=<username>/<domain or workgroup>,ip=<>

In the windows world access denied can sometimes mean, "I don't know what the hell server your talking about." Since your accessing a server that is not on your domain/workgroup, and possibly another subnet, much of the names resolution capabilities of Netbios/smb are limited.  Eliminating the need for names resolution, by specifying the IP of the server can shed some more light on the problem. (Sometimes putting entries in an LMHOSTS file also works.) Additionally, it is important that you have an account on the domain/server that you are trying to access. If the server you are trying to access doesn't have any way of authenticating you, then it is expected that you will get "access denied."

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When I try to connect to an Win2000 share in DOMAIN I'm not registered in, I
can only access it with smbclient using `#smbclient \\\\host\\share -U
administrator -W DOMAIN`.  I have tried using different combinations of -o
<options> with smbmount, but always get "access denied".  If I try to use
smbclient without -W DOMAIN, it has access denied.  So I assume this is an
issue concerning the workgroup/domain authentication.  Is there a way to
make smbmount or smbmnt work right like smbclient, or is there another way
to mount smb shares through smbclient?

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