smbmount access denied, smbclient OK

Thomas Walters WT5442 at
Fri Oct 19 23:11:28 GMT 2001

When I try to connect to an Win2000 share in DOMAIN I'm not registered in, I
can only access it with smbclient using `#smbclient \\\\host\\share -U
administrator -W DOMAIN`.  I have tried using different combinations of -o
<options> with smbmount, but always get "access denied".  If I try to use
smbclient without -W DOMAIN, it has access denied.  So I assume this is an
issue concerning the workgroup/domain authentication.  Is there a way to
make smbmount or smbmnt work right like smbclient, or is there another way
to mount smb shares through smbclient?

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