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apples and oranges..."valid group" is a global and per-share smb.conf
setting. It limits whether a user can access a samba share based on the
users group membership. It has nothing to do with permissions on the client.

If what you're after is giving a domain user some special or restricted
access to something on a client, than I believe the only way is to add that
user to a local group (perhaps policies also, dunno). I had to do this for
my backup user -- though they are a domain account, and I tried to simulate
a Domain Backup Operators group, it just would not work any other way.


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> Is there any info on pdc groups??  if you use "valid group" what Access
> does this give the use under a domain workstation?? or am i adding the
> group to the local workstations power user group??
> thanks

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