Bash error when login as DOMAIN\username using winbindd

Rogelio J. Baucells rogelio at
Fri Oct 19 07:23:03 GMT 2001


I have winbindd working fine for several weeks without any problem. I am
using 'winbind separator = \' (default value) in a RH7.0 and RH7.1
computers. I wanted the same prompt as a local user had
([username at server path]$), but the '\' character was giving me problems.
I found the problem in /etc/bashrc file when setting the PROMPT_COMMAND,
I modified this line and now I have the prompt as I wanted:
(DOMAIN\username at server path]$), but I am getting another error when a
user logs into the server:

[: too many arguments

This error was present before I modified /etc/bashrc file to fix the
problem with the prompt.

Have any one using winbind with 'winbind separator = \' seen this error?

How can I fix it?


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