samba 2.2.1a- URGENT HELP NEEDED

Winston Nimchan Winston_Nimchan at
Fri Oct 19 06:18:03 GMT 2001

You should unpack everything to /usr/local/samba cause if you're
compiling and not using the rpm, it expects the files to be in a
specific location.

I'm a newbie and got it to compile pretty easily (I'm also using RH7.1)

Hope this helps

Winston Nimchan

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Subject: samba 2.2.1a- URGENT HELP NEEDED

In my R.H 7.1 box I try to install samba2.2.1a

What I did?

copy samba-latest.tar.gz to /usr/src
     tar zxvf samba-latest.tar.gz
     get into samba source dir
I copied a sample file of smb.conf into /usr/local/samba/bin
     make install

edit etc/service and xinetd for swat
start smbd

when I execute smbstatus it pop up a status..lck error mssg


if I need to change anything in MAKEFILE WHAT IS THAT ?

pls help me I already spend more that 26 hours to that.....


A LInux LOver

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