Incorrect time in server SMB 2.0.7 + NT 4.0

Luiz Alfredo Baggiotto luiz at
Fri Oct 19 03:14:03 GMT 2001

Hi all

Due to Summer, here in Brazil there are a change in official time. 
The normal hour is increased in 1 hour.
Here we have a Samba 2.0.7 running in a Solaris 7 box and I was 
changed the time on the server. However, when our NT 4.0 
machines try to get a system time with "NET TIME <SERVER>", 
the hour is not changed! If I use date command on server, the hour 
is normal and the Win 9x stations can get the correct time too. The 
only problem is occurring with NT workstations.
Can you help me, please?
Thanks in advance

    Administraçao da Rede
        FACIN / PUCRS
         Ramal  4184
    Prédio 30 -  Sala 145

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