share name doesn't appear

Hitesh Sharma sharma_hitesh at
Thu Oct 18 22:33:02 GMT 2001

hi all 

I have compiled and running the latest samba (2.2.2)  cause i need ldap authentication from samba. Things are working fine but when I browse the server from a windows client I just get the icons with no name of the shares displayed. Although I do get the share names if I try "smbclient -L srever".
Also I do not get the share name when I use " net view \\server ". Since i know the share names in my smb.conf file , If i use
" net use M: \\server\sharename " the command completes successfully and the share gets mounted.
I have gone through the Browsing.txt and diagnosis.txt but couldn't figure it out.

Any ideas ??

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