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Eirik Thorsnes Eirik.Thorsnes at
Thu Oct 18 13:59:03 GMT 2001


If I could have an automatic convertion from letter to A4 size I would be 
overly happy. Samba is given a postscript file from the client with letter 
size specified. The printer below is the one with most trouble. In fact, 
currently it won't allow anything but letter (and some other obscure formats 
:) to be selected in the dialog box at the NT/w2k client. 
I guess the solution should be easily transferable to other similar 
postscript printers. Any suggestions to other solutions are also welcome.

this is what I have:

Printing software: LPRng 3.7.4
Filter: ifhp 3.4.7
System: Redhat 7.1 on i386

Printer: Xerox (tektronix) phaser 2135

phaser2135|Xerox Phaser 2135 PS
       :cm=Xerox Phaser 2135 PS:

The portion in ifhp.conf:
[ phaser2135 ]

pjl_only= [ ENTER EOJ JOB ]


ps_user_opts= [ collate duplex tray1 tray2 tray3 tray4 tray5 manual
                autoselect a4 a3 a5 letter legal ledger oversize
                transparancy ]

ps_letter= << /PageSize [612 792] /ImagingBBox null >> setpagedevice
ps_a4= << /PageSize [595 842] /ImagingBBox null >> setpagedevice
ps_a3= << /PageSize [842 1191] /ImagingBBox null >> setpagedevice
ps_a5= << /PageSize [420 595] /ImagingBBox null >> setpagedevice
ps_transparency= << /MediaType (Transparency) >> setpagedevice

On Thursday 18 October 2001 22:28, you wrote:
> Post your:
> /etc/printcap
> The type of printer you have
> The filters referenced in your /etc/printcap file.
> What works will depend to a large extent on the kind of printer you have
> and what kind of filter you are using.
> Joel
> RPM +0200, Eirik Thorsnes wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I saw your reply below on the samba list, I'm in a similar situation and
> > would greatly appreciate any help / pointers on setting up an automatic
> > convertion routine for papersizes. My situation is the "dreaded" letter
> > vs. A4 size issue. I'm using LPRng and ifhp.
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> >
> > Eirik Thorsnes
> >

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