Linux Samba Client access to Samba Share

Bruce Best (CRO) bestb at
Thu Oct 18 10:40:09 GMT 2001

Thanks for your reply;

>If a connection to a samba server is made, it is made as a certain 
>user and you the client has the rights this user can get. 
>Use smbstatus on the server to see if the connecting user is the same in 
>both cases.

I will test that later (I'm not at the machine right now). 

>Further more smbmount (and smbfs) have to use this "singel user 
>connection" to the samba server and provide a multi user file system 
>on the client. For this smbmout has a couple of options: umaks, user, 

The Samba server appears to be completely indiscriminate for Windows
clients; it doesn't seem to care who you are, but gives access anyway. 

>I am pretty sure that you have to look at your client setup to fix 
>your problem, not at the samba server.

Yes, I guess my real question is how do you set a linux Samba client to be
treated just like a Windows client? 

>Are there any reasons for you not to use NFS between Linux and your 
>samba server? 

Not really. It seemed as though this should just work, and it puzzled me why
it doesn't. 

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