Samba for Clearcase

Henning Techel Henning.Techel at
Thu Oct 18 06:22:03 GMT 2001

Hi everybody,

thanks for your responses.

I agree that the ClearCase problem is OS related, and not caused by
SAMBA. I cannot tell anything about versions prior than 2.2.0, the
misbehaviour or however one might call it, surely existed before (OS
related, as mentionened).

Adbul: I cannot tell you about changing kernel parameters, exept for
HP-UX. Here you usually do it via SAM (System Administration Manager),
but surely you can do it some other way, too.

Don: Thank you for your MNODE hint. I'm waiting to move the critical VOB
to another server, I can play around and test with.

As soon as I have some more information regarding that SAMBA with
ClearCase topic, I'll inform you.


PS.: SAMBA really does a great job. We used to work with NFS Chameleon
and always ran into troubles, SAMBA is far more stable and convenient.

Henning Techel

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