smbmount with ssl doesn't work

Oscar Guell Perez - Lab. Calculo LSI oskar at
Thu Oct 18 02:24:04 GMT 2001

Hi samba people,

I've installed a samba server v.2.2.1a on a Solaris 2.7. It has ssl support using 
ssleay 0.9.0b and works as a PDC with some shares. The samba server works fine
(I think so) and is configured from the smb.conf to accept two kinds of connections: 
from clients witch ssl support, a from clients without ssl support.


        ssl = Yes 
        ssl server cert = /etc/certificates/cacert.pem
        ssl server key = /etc/certificates/private/cakey.pem
        ssl CA certDir = /etc/certificates
        ssl hosts resign = xx.xx.xx.xx

The clients are mainly linux machines.

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