%U in share name

Dietrich Heise Dietrich.Heise at net-and-works.de
Thu Oct 18 00:30:05 GMT 2001


we have an other Problem (maybe the same) with the %U in the includes.
If we put the following in the config-files:

include = smb.conf.%U

        path = /samba/public
        readonly = no
        comment = public

in the smb.conf and a user for example 'anna' connect to the samba PDC
all looks like good for the first moment.
But after a short time the share 'PUBLIC' will be lost and I can not connect to
the share
by using 'net use * \\SMB\PUBLIC'.

But if I use the 'net use * \\SMB\PUBLIC' command immediately after loging.
All works fine and the share is there for all the time.

Dietrich Heise

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