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Page, Jon T Jon.Page at
Wed Oct 17 14:25:02 GMT 2001

I am trying to set up some samba shares (v2.2.0) from a Solaris 8 systems to a
Win2K system.  The Win2k box is in a workgroup, not a domain.  The problem I
seem to be having involves password authentication.  

In the smb.conf file, under the global variables, if I set security = share, I
can see the shares but cannot access them.  When doing so I get prompted for a
user name and passwd but no matter what I enter, it doesn't like it.

My question is, in this case, what is samba doing password lookups against?
Normally, we run in a Windows domain, and authenticate against a NT or Win2K
password server through the use of the password server = entry in the smb.conf

Any help would be appreciated.


Jon Page at

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