using %g or %G in an include

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Oct 17 13:00:05 GMT 2001

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Jeff W. Hampson wrote:

> include = /home/smb.%G.conf
> include = /home/smb.%m.conf
> include = /home/smb.%U.conf
> I use the smb.%G.conf the most.
> When I used Samba 2.1.7 %G on Redhat 7.0 it worked fine.

Assuming you mean 2.0.7 :-)

> Currently %G or %g does not work when incooporated in an include.
> when I change the destination of the include from
> (example) smb.groupname.conf   TO   smb.%G.conf  it then works..
> however this, of course, negates the whole use of the %G.

Assuming you meant to reverse these.

> am I missing something?  why does this not work?

I'll take a

> the %m works still, as does the %U.

These are handled by a call to standard_sub_basic()
while %[gG] is handled by standard_sub_advanced().
I'll look into it.

cheers, jerry
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