Samba for Clearcase

Don Koch koch at
Wed Oct 17 10:14:04 GMT 2001

Henning.Techel at said:
> As far as I understand SAMBA, there is one smbd daemon running for
> each client and each user. That means that all files a user opens from
> one client are administered from one process (somebody correct me if
> I'm wrong). At least in HP-UX 10.20 there is a limit of how many files
> one process can open. Since ClearCase VOBS can hold hundreds of
> thousands of files, and opening one ClearCase element usually means
> that on OS-level you open several files, this limit was reached very
> quickly, causing error messages like inode table full. I had to reboot
> the server in order to get him back to work. Adjusting the kernel
> parameter ninode helped a bit, some more files could be opened, but
> still not as much as probably needed. (I think the default value for
> ninode is about 1.000. I'd need at least 15.0000, but you can't adjust
> this value without causing any nasty side effects, I'm afraid.)

It's partially an OS problem and partially the fact that ClearCase is holding
handles for these files open.  Try setting the Mnodes settings on the NT
clients down to 800 (the default is 1800).

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