SAMBA false start

Bill Moran wmoran at
Wed Oct 17 08:07:30 GMT 2001

On Wednesday 17 October 2001 00:04, Andres Montiel wrote:
> I have recently resurrected an old Pentium 133. I installed RH 6.2 on it
> to make it a simple back-up file server via Samba. However, I have
> problems starting Samba. I type smb start on the console and it shows
> that Samba starts (smbd start      [OK]         nmbd start         [OK];
> or something very similar to that message). Yet when I type smb status,
> the message is   smbd is stopped         nmbd is stopped.
> I would appreciate any type of suggestion you might give.

Check smb.log
I had this problem a few months ago and smb.log told me exactly what to
do.  Don't remember the details, but log files are your friend!

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