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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Oct 17 07:30:06 GMT 2001

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Henning Techel wrote:

> As far as I understand SAMBA, there is one smbd daemon running for each
> client and each user. That means that all files a user opens from one
> client are administered from one process (somebody correct me if I'm
> wrong). At least in HP-UX 10.20 there is a limit of how many files one
> process can open.

This would be an OS problem then :-)

> Since ClearCase VOBS can hold hundreds of thousands of files, and
> opening one ClearCase element usually means that on OS-level you open
> several files, this limit was reached very quickly, causing error
> messages like inode table full. I had to reboot the server in order to
> get him back to work. Adjusting the kernel parameter ninode helped a
> bit, some more files could be opened, but still not as much as
> probably needed. (I think the default value for ninode is about 1.000.
> I'd need at least 15.0000, but you can't adjust this value without
> causing any nasty side effects, I'm afraid.)

Not much we can do about that really.

> Maybe this is fixed with the latest SAMBA release, I didn't dare to try
> it, since -as usual- nobody can just play around with servers. My
> manager is gonna kill me. Maybe somebodey has a solution for this
> problem or can confirm that this was a SAMBA 2.2.1a bug, which is fixed
> ?!

you should hav ethe same problem under 2.0.x.  Are you saying
that you did not?

cheers, jerry
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