Problem with lookup_name

Patrick Reid PReid at
Wed Oct 17 05:47:03 GMT 2001

Well, when I am trying to do this I am logged in as a domain administrator.

However, I am pretty sure that as long as a user already has "full control"
perms on a file or directory, they can alter the perms to allow someone else

The clincher that this is not the problem is that I can set permissions if
the person I am trying to give permissions to has logged on to the win2k
machien in the past.


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--- Patrick Reid <PReid at> wrote:
> I am running samba 2.2.2 on Redhat 7.1 as a PDC
> The situation is this: I need to be able to assign
> permissions to files or
> directories on the win2k machines on my network using the
> domain user names

On Win2K you can't assign permissions if you don't have
administrative rights LOCALLY. This is the only reason I
see for trying to get authenticated through winbind.

> from Samba. If I try to do so for a domain user who has
> never logged on to
> the machine in question, Win2k comes back with the error:
> Unable to lookup user names for display
> I set my debug to 10 and tried to do this again, setting
> permissions on a
> directory for a user whose user name is devens and has
> never logged on to
> the machine from which I am trying to define the
> permissions. Of course,
> there are reams of stuff in the logs, but the relevant
> entries seem to be
> the following:
> [2001/10/16 10:54:34, 10]
> lib/util_sid.c:split_domain_name(336)
>   split_domain_name:name 'devens' split into domain
> :'OFFICESERVER' and user
> :'devens'
> [2001/10/16 10:54:34, 5]
> rpc_server/srv_lsa_nt.c:init_lsa_rid2s(136)
>   init_lsa_rid2s: looking up name devens
> [2001/10/16 10:54:34, 10] smbd/uid.c:lookup_name(287)
>   lookup_name: winbind lookup for devens failed - trying
> local
> [2001/10/16 10:54:34, 10] smbd/uid.c:lookup_name(321)
>   lookup name: (local) devens failed.
> I note that Samba seems to be trying to use winbind -- my
> Samba is the PDC
> and there is no external NT machine to do a lookup
> against; can I turn this
> off somehow? The real nub of the matter is that local
> lookup appears to also
> fail, even though "getent passwd devens" returns user
> name, group, full
> name, etc.
> How can I fix thngs so that Samba performs username
> lookup on my passwd
> database properly?
> Patrick Reid
Hope it helps,

Ioan (John) NIKY Pricop
Bucharest - ROMANIA
pniky at

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