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Hi Ashok,
That's a problem.  the '0740' will prevent the users from
editing each other's files, but the ability to DELETE files
from a directory is governed not by the FILE permissions, but 
the DIRECTORY permissions.  So if a user can CREATE a file in
a directory, he can also DELETE a file in that same directory,
regardless of the ownership of the file itself.

Anybody out there on the list got an idea for getting around this?


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Hi Don,

Thank you very much. it worked.
I want one more help. In a shared directory which will
be accessed by two users. I want the user1 created
files should be readable by user2, but user2  should
not be able to delete or modify user1's files or
Similary for user1 should be able to read only user2
files or directory but not modify or delete user2
files or directory.

I have made the fillowing changes in smb.conf
But user2 can delete user1 files and user1 can delete
user2 files.


 comment = shared Directory
 path = /home/public
 writable = yes
 public = no
 valid users = ashok raju
 create mask = 0740

Public directory has 777 permission 

drwxrwxrwx    3 root root  4096 Oct 10 12:11 public

what changes have to be  made to have this functional.
Please do help.



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