Samba 2.2.1a setup

Ian Cooper ian at WPI.EDU
Wed Oct 17 05:17:03 GMT 2001

> > How can I set up Samba to enable NT users to save HTML files to their own
> > home directories on our Linux web server? For example, I want to have them
> > save to /home/teacher1/web/foo.html on our Linux machine, by saving it to
> > L:\teacher1\foo.html on our NT 4 machine.
> At a first glace: This mapping won't work. (Or is going to be tricky)
> The path statement of the share allway defines the first part of the
> Unix-Path to the file, the path after the drive letter the secend
> part. And so you some how get problems leaving out the "web" in the
> path.

Actually, with some work, this is quite possible.  If you define a
folder like /home/web/teacher1 and symlink it to /home/teacher1/web,
you can share /home/web and map it to L: so that users can access
L:\teacher1 and it maps to /home/web/teacher1 which maps to
/home/teacher1/web and then you're all set.  You'd just have to create
such a folder for each teacher or user.

Personally, I'd go with the /home/%U idea so that users can't write
into other users' folders, or would regular file permissions prevent


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