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Wed Oct 17 04:56:06 GMT 2001

Hi Ashok,
the 'browseable=no' is what keeps you from seeing the 'superhome' share.  I
told you to put it there because I assumed you wouldn't want it showing up
in the browse list, since ONLY a single user will be able to successfully
access it...  you can still attach to it by doing a net use, or from the
windows run window \\servername\superhome...
But if you want it to show up in the browse list, all you have to do is
change the 'browseable=no' to 'browseable=yes' in your superhome definition.
Hope this helps,

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From: Ashok Kumar [mailto:ldapsk at]
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Subject: samba --help

Hi Don

I have got all home directories under /home.
When I log on I can see my home directory.

I have made the following changes in smb.conf


 comment = Root of HS
 path = /home
 public = no
 valid users = ashok
 admin users = ashok
 writable = yes
 browseable = no
 create mask = 0775

But I dont see the superhome directory at all when I
log in. What might be the problem.

I have created one more directory called public under
home, and made the following changes in smb.conf
But this works fine. I can see the common directory
when I log on.


 comment = shared Directory
 path = /home/public
 writable = yes
 public = no
 valid users = ashok raju
 create mask = 0740

I dont know anything else has to be enabled to see all
home directories. Please help me.


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