Wrong password when remapping Samba shares at logon in Windows 2000

Javier jav.gb at terra.es
Wed Oct 17 00:48:04 GMT 2001


I have a UNIX Server with Samba and I am mapping a few of its shares in
Windows 2000. It works fine (I have done the EnablePlaintTextPassword change
in the registry), but everytime I log on I have to give the password for
each of the shares, although it should remember the last I used. How can I
solve this problem and make Windows 2000 remember the password from logon to
logon? I had Windows 98 before and didn't have any problem with this.

I believe this is a common problem, as I've seen this question posted a
couple of times. However I haven't been able to find an answer for it

Thanks for your answer

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