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Jan-Eric Enlund jan-eric.enlund at
Tue Oct 16 22:49:03 GMT 2001

Hello !
I'm using AvpLinux from and it works great both as e-mail scanner using postfix and "in the fly" file scanner for linux file access.
They have daily updates that can be run by cron.

Jan-Eric Enlund
Oy Elho Ab,  Finland

>We were invaded by multiple viruses on our samba server today.  We have a
>linux box running qmail, with qmail-scanner to prevent viruses from entering
>our network.  We are using mcafee with qmail-scanner, so it scans every
>message, and rejects it in case of a virus.  Apparently someone allowed a
>virus in anyway, probably through an outside e-mail account.  Some of these
>latest viruses also invade network connections also, and I have seen
>discussion of this on this list.  I was able to protect against nimda with
>the veto files global option, but all of our jpegs are now3 .vbs from
>another virus....

>Is it time to discuss implementing a virusscan wrapper for samba?  I know
>there are products for novell servers that scan, so that it prevents server
>infection.  I'm sure that there are scanners for nt also.
>There are several scanners that work on linux, but that I know of, none that
>an integrate into samba to provide on the fly scanning of anything written
>onthe server.

>is it time for a project for this?

>Barry Smoke
>Network Administrator
>Bryant Public Schools

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