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Great advice, Bill!

Further, many flavors of Unix now support CDE (common desktop environment)
which provides a GUI (graphical user interface) for Unix.  There is a
toolbar at the bottom of the screen and if you open one of the folders there
will be an icon for a "text editor" which functions at least as well as
"notepad" within Windows.

However, I'm with Bill; vi is a good skill to acquire because there are
times when it's all you have.  

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On Tuesday 16 October 2001 08:40, Juli L. Jacobs wrote:
> I have been working with Windows/DOS all my life and I am totally
> Linux/Unix illiterate. My boss just bought a new Dell server and I am
> trying to configure Linux RedHat 7 on the box. Can one of you geniuses
> please tell me in simple English how to edit the smb.conf from the command
> line. I can't get the swat program (or XFree86 for that matter) to work on
> my machine. I would really appreciate any assistance you can render.
> Thank-you... I will certainly be happy to contribute Pizza money if you
> guys can help me or point me towards any reference material that is
> in a simple language that I can understand.

There are many text editors available for UN*X.
But almost every UN*X system on earth has vi.  vi is a little difficult for
to work with, but it is managable.  This tutorial is pretty nice:

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