Samba & Win2K logon: All or nothing?

Steve Snyder swsnyder at
Tue Oct 16 15:11:08 GMT 2001

The effort to run a Samba (v2.2.1a, on Linux) logon script at Win2K logon 

User name: steve
Local machine name: PLUTO
Network domain name: SNYDERNET

If I log on as PLUTO\steve the netlogon script doesn't run.  Sigh.

If I log on as SNYDERNET\steve the netlogon script executes as it should 
(finally!) but Win2K also wants to keep my profile on the network.  Arrg!

What I want is to keep my user profiles on the client machine, yet still 
have the network's logon script execute when I log into the local machine.  

Do I really have to live with this all-or-nothing network use?


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