Samba Win98 User Level Question

Woody Pritchett hpritchett at
Tue Oct 16 13:14:02 GMT 2001

I  have Samba 2.0.7 up and running on Red Hat Linux 7.0 as a PDC for a
network of WIN 98 and a few WIN2000 machines. Works Fine. The Win98
machines when set for share level access control share amongst
themselves fine. I need to change this to User level control for
security reasons. They (the Win98) then want to get a  list of users and
groups from somewhere ( I assume this is the PDC (my Samba
Server). It seems to connect or at least recognize this when I set up
the share configuration in Network Access Control on the Win98 box,
however when I go to create the share in Windows Explorer I am asked to
select users and or groups as expected. The problem is I get a response
saying the list of users and or groups cannot be read at this time. Try
again later. Obviously later never happens. Does Samba not support this
or am I missing something.

All the Win 98 machines can logon to the Samba server and read, write,
and create files and directories per their
permissions on the Samba served drive space. The question is sharing
files and or printers located on the Win98 boxes. On the Win98 box go
Network Neighborhood properties-Access Control. There are two choices
for sharing the Win98 resource, Share Level or User Level. The bottom
one (User Level) wants to get a list of authorized users and or groups
from hopefully the Samba Server acting as a PDC. The smbpasswd file does
exist and is populated for various users. This works as expected i.e.
all users can log onto the Samba controlled network / Domain on any
machine and access the appropriate Samba shares. The problem is the
Win98 shares.

Woody Pritchett
Hopewell Designs, Inc
hpritchett at

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