Problem with lookup_name

Patrick Reid p.j.reid at
Tue Oct 16 09:02:11 GMT 2001

I am running samba 2.2.2 on Redhat 7.1 as a PDC

I posted about this problem a while back and never got any repsonse, but I
have done a bit more investigating and I hope that someone can help me fix

The situation is this: I need to be able to assign permissions to files or
directories on the win2k machines on my network using the domain user names
from Samba. If I try to do so for a domain user who has never logged on to
the machine in question, Win2k comes back with the error:

Unable to lookup user names for display

I set my debug to 10 and tried to do this again, setting permissions on a
directory for a user whose user name is devens and has never logged on to
the machine from which I am trying to define the permissions. Of course,
there are reams of stuff in the logs, but the relevant entries seem to be
the following:

[2001/10/16 10:54:34, 10] lib/util_sid.c:split_domain_name(336)
  split_domain_name:name 'devens' split into domain :'OFFICESERVER' and user
[2001/10/16 10:54:34, 5] rpc_server/srv_lsa_nt.c:init_lsa_rid2s(136)
  init_lsa_rid2s: looking up name devens
[2001/10/16 10:54:34, 10] smbd/uid.c:lookup_name(287)
  lookup_name: winbind lookup for devens failed - trying local
[2001/10/16 10:54:34, 10] smbd/uid.c:lookup_name(321)
  lookup name: (local) devens failed.

I note that Samba seems to be trying to use winbind -- my Samba is the PDC
and there is no external NT machine to do a lookup against; can I turn this
off somehow? The real nub of the matter is that local lookup appears to also
fail, even though "getent passwd devens" returns user name, group, full
name, etc.

How can I fix thngs so that Samba performs username lookup on my passwd
database properly?

Patrick Reid

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