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Ian Cooper ian at WPI.EDU
Tue Oct 16 08:16:43 GMT 2001

> I think that samba should stay away from content, no-analyzing and
> changing of files on the fly but there is a simple solution to this.

I would agree.  Sometimes FTP can be a hassle because you forget to
set the mode and it transfers a tarball as ascii, and breaks it.
Samba has the advantage of not having to even look at that.  I think
that a difference needs to be made between file *sharing* and file
*transferring*.  File sharing is more of a passive activity, making
files easily available to those who want them.  File transferring is a
more active activity that involves actually *getting* the file from

In practice, they're the same, but in concept, they're different.
Does this make sense?

> Buy/download a editor that can handle both file formats.

...like emacs! (no me gusta 'vi')

Ian Cooper
ian at wpi.edu

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