Request for Tech Support

Ian Cooper ian at WPI.EDU
Tue Oct 16 08:16:10 GMT 2001

> Is this 7.0?
> If so, thats one problem - 7.0 was very broken in many ways...

I would agree.  Especially the compiler, though you may not be using

> The distros have come a long way since Redhat 7.0.  7.1 is much better, and
> 7.2 is just around the corner.  I also highly recommend Mandrake now (it was
> very weak in the Server arena, but 8.1 changed all that).

I've used 7.1 and it has been very stable.  I currently use the 7.2
beta (something like 7.1.94/roswell) and it has performed very well so
far.  It uses a journaling filesystem (ext3 vs ext2) so that it can
recover from an accidental power-off (or system crash) without much
time or effort.

> I'll be learning Debian soon - I think its probably the distro I'm gonna
> settle down and get warm and fuzzy with eventually...

Debian is probably the most rock-solid distro available, but the
configuration and setup is not user friendly at all.  Personally, I
would choose a *BSD (like FreeBSD or NetBSD) over Linux, but that's
personal preference.

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