Walter Laub walter.laub at
Tue Oct 16 08:14:38 GMT 2001

Hallo samba-team,

becouse this is my first mail, at first: congratulation for this great

I think I have found a bug in your latest release 2.2.2 (my OS:
prior this version all works fine, but with latest version we have the
described problem. Switching back to older release all works fine.
When user login the connection to [home] section fail because the swich
to the located username is not made. My smb.conf:

logon path              = \\%L\Profiles\%U\%a
logon drive             = H:
  path                  = /pc/home/%U
  comment               = Home Directories
  writeable             = no
  browseable            = no
  valid users           = %S
  write list            = %S
  directory mask        = 0750
  create mask           = 0750

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Kind regards

Walter Laub
                                  Schwindt CAD/CAM-Technologie GmbH
                                  Callenberger Str.8
                                  96450 Coburg
                                  Tel: 09561/5560-25
                                  Fax: 09561/5560-10

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