directory mask = 2770

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Tue Oct 16 05:50:09 GMT 2001

May I ask a ridiculously stupid question?

I have seen this four digit mask many times, but I am only familiar with the
function of the last three digits - what in the heck is the first digit



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Hello everyone.

I am using Samba 2.0.7 on a RedHat 6.2 machine. I wanted to apply a
directory mask of 2770 to everything created in a share.  The root
directory of this share already has these permissions.  I want to have it
so that everything created in a certain directory has the permissions of
the group of the creator.

As it stands, I do have the directory mask = 2770 line in the smb.conf
regarding this share, and as I said, the 2770 permissions on the parent
directory (that I set manually).  Files created in this share wind up with
the perms of 770 instead of 2770, but do take the group of the parent
directory. BUT if someone creates a directory within that directory, the
perms are 770 and the group is not inherited from the parent.

Now I know what you are thinking:  "Why doesn't he just use the 'force
group' setting." Suffice it to say, it doesn't suit my needs in this
instance.  If you want the long version, I can post that too, I just didn't
want to waste people's time.

Can samba support a directory mask of 2770?  If so, what am I doing wrong?



A snippet of smb.conf:

browseable =no
force user = %U
create mask = 0770
directory mask = 2770
admin users = chrisd,kurtk,administrator,zena
valid users = chrisd,kurtk,administrator,zena,+homeshare

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