Printer setup on Solaris 8 / samba 2.2.1a

Olivier Bouriez olivier.bouriez at
Tue Oct 16 01:30:21 GMT 2001


I've just registered with the list so if this has already been discussed I
But I've downloaded the samba 2.2.1a from and installed it
on my Solaris 8 box.

I'm trying to set up my networked printer on that box using samba so my
Win2K clients can use it through the server.
I looked at the HOWTO collection on the site and it is explained how you
should setup samba to be able to use the Wizard.
I've done it and the "Add printer" Icon is there. How ever I have an error
message of "access denied" after the file copy of drivers is finished. I
worked-out that the "add printer command" must be set and than this is
certainly the source of the problem.
Solaris hasn't got a "addprinter" command. the closer I've found is the
"lpadmin" command but the problem persists with this command.

Is there a command or a "addprinter" binary that would make that feature
available under Solaris?
Or is there a document explaining how to setup printers differently



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