Unix permissions not blocking access on samba shared drive

Ries van twisk rvt at dds.nl
Mon Oct 15 22:26:02 GMT 2001

>     directory mode = 0777
>     create mode = 0777

Samba will create the file word read/write/executable. Possible you need
to set it like this:
     directory mode = 0600
     create mode = 0600

Whenever a file or directory is written it's created with user RW
permissions and that's it. You can change it to 0660 to give RW group
access aswell

In your case a file will be created with all access permissions for
group, user and everyone else (0777) which is a bad idea.


> Hi,
> I have a strange permissions problem in that my pc clients have access to
> unix directories they shouldn't. I have a share "backups" (samba 2.0.8)
> pointing to a linux (RH6.1) directory with sub-directories for each user.
> The linux permissions are set to 700 for each dir, and each dir is owned by
> the user, with a common gid. When the backups directory is mapped to client
> pc's (win 98, win 2k) the users should only be able to access their own
> directory, However in this case, each user has unlimited acces to all
> directories. What am I doing wrong?
> security = user
> [backups]
>     comment = /directories for network backups
>     path = /u02/backups
>     public = no
>     guest = no
>     writable = yes
>     directory mode = 0777
>     create mode = 0777
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