Using Samba to get Users and their Groups

Mike Papper mike at
Mon Oct 15 12:44:14 GMT 2001

Is there a programming interface to/for Samba? I would like to talk with a NT 
PDC from my C program. If there is no official API + shared object library, 
is there a standard technique for cut-pasting the samba source code and using 
that (or a portion of it) as a shared library - like a do-it-yourself API?

I want to find the following information from an NT Primary Domain Controller:
i) a list of all users
ii) a list of all groups
iii) for a given user, what groups they are in
iv) for a given group, a list of all users

Is this even remotely possible from a C/C++ program (running on linux)?

As well, I have a jumble of questions about the whole PDC, LDAP/SMB world, 
was wondering if someone has a documentation resource that would answer 
questions like:
a) is a PDC a machine that talks the SMB protocol?
b) whats LanManager
c) how do I get my program to talk to these entities
d) where does MS Active Directory fit in- is there something that binds the 
PDC info (users and groups) to active directory?
e) is active directory simply an LDAP server?
f) I heard that MS Exchange supported LDAP to talk to it - true? Also, does 
exchange hold all the user/group information for a NT domain? or only for 

In short:
Documentation that ties together windows-based 
authentication - stuff like samba, NT, PDCs, LanMan, LDAP/ActiveDirectory etc?

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Digital Pipe
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