cannot connect to local host

Alvin Murphy amurphy at
Mon Oct 15 11:33:53 GMT 2001

I am a newbie, trying to learn Linux. I am using Mandrake 8.0.  My linux 
box is connected by Linksys router to cable modem and three other 
windows boxes. I have now gotten to the point where I can see the lother 
machines with nmblookup, but I cannot connect in the file manager. 
Message "Can not connect to local host"  or similiar. Also I cannot find 
my machine (Alvin) with smbclient. I would appreciate any help I can 
get. Interestingly, even the downloaded  Corel OS automatically installs 
Samba, but cannot find any audio cards. I have thought of copying their 
smb.conf file since it is ffairly clear and simple. Thanks

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