of Samba 2.2.2 and Roaming Profiles

Samba Admin samba at denverdata.com
Mon Oct 15 10:39:54 GMT 2001

Kudos to the Samba Team on the release of 2.2.2. Unfortunately, I've run
into a problem.

I've been using Samba 2.2.1a + LDAP (not TNG) that I got from
http://sking.mesd.k12.or.us/ on RH 7.1 as a PDC for about a month now, but I
wanted 2.2.2 to fix oplock issues. So, I grabbed the src rpm, edited the
spec file to include --with-ldapsam and proceded to compile and install.
After finding the new -w option to smbpasswd to add my ldap admin dn passwd
to secrets.tdb everything appeared to working well, from linux that is.

When attempting to logon to a domain account with a roaming profile (from a
Win2k SP2 workstation), I was told that several files had names that were to
long and my profile could not be loaded. I fixed the problem and logged in
again and my profile updated, but it looked a little different.

A new profile directory had been created that included the domain name as
part of its name. I had set "nt acl support = No" for the homes share (I
store users profiles under thier home directory) after having read the
PROFILES.txt docs, even though the profile host is my PDC. No big deal I
thought, as long as everything worked -- it didn't. Several (M$)
applications failed to run with an ever helpful "Could not execute" message.

In diagnosing the problem, I noticed that messages were being logged that
certain rid values could not be found. I tested each user account by
double-clicking in User Manager for Domains while watching the logs, and
each time the rid lookup failed.

As an example, the rid for one user account is 2000, but samba did a lookup
for rid 8192 when I double-clicked in User Manager...If I use rpcclient to
call lookupnames for this user account, the last four digits of the SID are
2000. So where does the 8192 come from? I'm assuming that this rid mismatch
is the reason for my profile woes.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated,

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