Samba 2.2.2 and logfiles

Jens Wahnes jewa at
Mon Oct 15 10:12:08 GMT 2001

Ivan Fernandez wrote:

> 	I have compiled 2.2.2 version this morning and I have no problem with
> logfiles. Option -l /var/log/samba is placing them there as always. Check
> configure parameters regardindg localstatedirs I think, make clean and
> recompile.

After I switched to logging via syslog I could see in the logfiles what
was wrong. :-)

2.2.1a would allow me to use something like "nmbd -D -l /var/log/log"
(which would write to /var/log/log.nmb) whereas 2.2.2 does not allow
this.  So I just put the files elsewhere and set symbolic links to the
old places.


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