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Again, I seemed to have problems getting my E-mail sent to the group.
Therefore, I'm also sending this one again.

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Betreff: TIP: File with the name * in a Samba share
Datum: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 16:25:50 +0200
Von: Robert Graham <robert.graham at tis-ag.com>
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A couple of days ago I reported a problem for which no one had an answer
to. The symptom was:

When opening the share via SMB, the only file to be seen was:


In the ext2 file system, all files remained in good health and could be
ftped in their entirety to another location and opened with via the SMB
protocol. It took me some time, but the problem lies in the fact that
when a file with the name * is in the directory, the samba protocol
doesn't interpret it properly.

Once the file is deleted via the command "rm \*" all files reappear via
the SMB protocol.

Don't ask me how I created the file in the first place. But anyone can
easily test this by using the command:

echo " " > \*

This affects version 2.0.7, I haven't tested other versions.

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