SOS... Interesting SAMBA problem :-(

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Hi Jesse,
You probably want to send your query to the samba lists instead of me
directly; I am not familiar with the mandrake platform.
However, just looking at the log.smbd  you sent, I can see that there are no
entries that indicate that the samba server even
SAW or tried to process an smb sessionsetup&X for the stations (S12,etc)
that I see in the log.nmbd.  This COULD have to 
do with the fact that you have two different interfaces on that machine on
the SAME subnet; and;
this could be confusing samba in terms of not knowing which interface to
respond to a broadcast (like an name registration
request), so a broadcast could come in on one interface, but be responded to
on the other interface, and not be recieved 
by the station that made the request.
I suggest trying the following:
interfaces =
bind interfaces only = yes
and restart samba, and see if this helps  (or try the other one,  This will force samba to listen and respond thru
ONLY the one interface on that subnet.
Hope this helps,

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    I am hoping you can help me resolve a problem I'm having. 
Here's the situation.. I have a network here with about 25 pc's..  All are
running win98 sr1,win 98 sr2, or win 2k.  we have a Dell poweredge server
running linux mandrake V8.0. I'm running samba ver 2.2 which I downloaded as
an RPM for mandrake.
the problem I'm having is that the majority of stations will not recognize
the server exists.. when I try to log them on to the domain they give me the
following error :
    the supplied password was incorrect, or access to your logon server has
been denied.
I know the password is correct b/c I typed it in 3-4 times.. hten just to
verify I logged on locally to the server using smbclient //miserver/cfmc -U
s10 and it logged me in with no problems.  
I checked nmbd.log and noticed some funny errors in the end about packets
with id xx received with no matching record.. 
NOW, the strangest thing I've noticed is the problem seems intermittent..
it's happened on the network before and I find that if I reboot the server
it often fixes the problem.. if that doesnt work I then shut down every
station on the network.. and then bring up the server first and then each
station individually sometimes that fixes the problem.. 
May I mention also it's not denying all my stations just 95% of them.. 3 or
4 of my stations seem to be able to connect no matter what....
waht could be causing this?!?!  I've attached 4 files.. my smb.conf file, my
log.nmbd file with normal logging levels ... and another two (smbd and nmbd)
with debug level = 3 on it..  I made these files by first deleteing the
logs.. then starting samba trying to log on about 6 stations a couple times
then stopping samba and copying the log files.. 
Any help would be INCREDIBLY appreciated.. 
ALSO, if you could copy both jrv116 at <mailto:jrv116 at>
and joeqw at <mailto:joeqw at>  on your reply it would be greatly
Thank you muchly,  
Jesse Vaughan
Market Insight

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