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>Subject: Share/User Security Mix
>Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 13:49:21 -0700
>I've got a bit of an interesting question, poking around the docs didn't
>turn up anything. Be happy to write up what I figure out on success.
>I'd like to offer user access to HOME directories. I can do this fine from
>Windows 2000 using user type security, but Win98 clients generally don't
>seem to pass username/password just password.

Not true.

We use Win 3.x,, 95, 98 and Me clients to connect to Samba (1.9.18p8)
requireing 'user' mode security.  The clients supply the username just
fine.  The user has to supply it when commencing the Windows session.

Works very well.

More info from me if you'd like.

>I'd like to have some shares be available to all clients with the right
>password (aka share security)

This is very tricky.  Andrew Tridgell wrote an article some years ago on
how this requires (at a minimum) two, independent Samba servers
(although it's possible you might be able to get them to run on one
machine nowadays)

>I'd like some shares available to all with no password.

See smb.conf(5) 'public' setting.

>The trick seems to be handling the differences between Windows 2000 and
>earlier versions such as 98/95. I'm most interested in solving the first
>case. Pointers to samba.conf and smbpassword setups greatly appreciated.

You don't mention if you're using encrytped passwords or not, if so then
some of what I've said may not apply.

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