connections.tdb keeps getting corrupted. v2.2.1a

Tim Villa tvilla at
Sun Oct 14 22:34:15 GMT 2001

I'm getting:

claim_connection: traverse of connections.tdb failed with error Locking error.

for 2.2.1a compiled for Solaris 8.  Contact me if you need further 
details.  Symptoms are mainly the spawning of MANY smbd's which don't die 
regardless of dead time/keepalive settings.


At 10:37 30/08/2001 -0400, MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) wrote:
>Hi Melvin,
>We have a number of people on the list experiencing this problem - so far
>all the reports I have seen involve HP-UX os'es, BUT, they range all the way
>from 9.05, 10.20 to 11.00...  I'm trying to create an environment where I
>can dup the corruption.  I'd be very interested if people could check their
>logs to see if any NON-HP-UX platforms are being affected.
>Two things you might try before backing down to a different version:
>1. if you are using 2.2.1a, make sure you compile it WITHOUT mmap support.
>we KNOW that mmap is going to fail
>on HP-UX; the CVS version has a new smb.conf parameter, use mmap = no (no by
>default on an HP-UX system) that will allow this to be configured.
>2. make sure that your nflocks is plenty big (1024 or better) in your
>I'll post on the list if I get any further with this corruption issue, in
>the meantime, ANYONE else out there experiencing these types of issues,
>please let us know.

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