Win2K doesn't exec logon script

Bill Moran wmoran at
Sun Oct 14 20:15:36 GMT 2001

On Sunday 14 October 2001 17:49, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> Steve Snyder wrote:
> > Actually my needs in a logon script are pretty simple.  I just want to
> > set the time/date on the local machine and map several shared drives.  A
> > single script has sufficed in past for Win9x and OS/2 clients, and I
> > hope(d) to keep it that way for Win2K clients as well.
> Unfortunetly (of fortunetly, depending on your point of view) you cannot
> set the time as a normal user under WinNT/Win2k.  Look into setting up
> an NTP server, and using somthing like NTPdate to syncronise them.

There is another trick that I've used.
You can change the system permissions on NT/W2K systems to allow anyone
to change the system time.  Your scripts will now work.
The drawback (obviously) is that the user will be able to manually change the
time if they want.  So this might not be appropriate for your needs.

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