printing from win2k

Joel Hammer Joel at
Sun Oct 14 19:21:06 GMT 2001

The odds are you are sending a windows filtered job to a printer queue on
your linux box that is expecting either a text or postscript file and is
trying to filter it.
You need to send youir windows print jobs to an unfiltered print queue on
your linux box.
To kill a print job on linux, can be tuff.
1. Turn off printer.
2. run lpq -a
This should show you all the queues and what they are doing.
3. lprm -Pqueue jobnumber
or just lprm -Pqueue all to kill them all
man lprm will give you the idea.
4. After you have killed the job, you may still need to kill the server
So, stop and start your printer daemon,
in rh or caldera,
/etc/rc.d/init.d/lpd stop  then start
Seems like a lot, I know. 

On Sun, Oct 14, 2001 at 03:48:13PM -0700, christopher j bottaro wrote:
> hello, i'm having serious problems with printing...
> i have my printer set up and working on my redhat 7.1 box.  i also have
> samba setup and working on it also and the [printers] section is working.
> on my win2k machine, i double click on add printer.  then i select network
> printer, select the proper printer over the network, install the proper
> win2k driver (i dunno why this step is required), then hit finish.  all is
> fine and good, all my users on the win2k machine can see the new networked
> printer.  then i open a simple web page ( and try to print
> it.  the printer on the linux box starts up, then spits out about 50 pages
> of ascii garbage!  what is wrong?
> thanks for the help,
> christopher
> P.S.  how do i stop a printing job in linux?  i  had to restart my computer
> and pull the power on the printer 4 times before it finally stopped printing
> all the garbage!
> P.S.S.  the printer is a samsung ML-1210

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