SWAT login failure

mhf michael at floog.net
Sun Oct 14 19:18:02 GMT 2001

> ./configure --with-pam and install the PAM control files
> (/etc/pam.d/samba)

Does this mean I should go to the directory where the .tar.gz orginal tar 
file was unpacked and recompile/install going through ./configure, make, and 
make install?

I apologize......I'm sure your suggestion is very clear to most; however, I'm 
very new to linux, especially linux networking-- samba.

> Or use 2.2.2, the issue with accessing /etc/shadow directly is now
> fixed.

hmmm.......i have DSL, so d/l'ing this wouldn't be too bad.  If I can figure 
out how to completely uninstall 2.2.1a, then I'll go ahead and d/l 2.2.2

Thanks for your help.

Mike Flug

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